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Wampum Nation
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Wanmpum Nation
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Wampum Nation

About the Book

A new Indian tribe is formed on Martha's Vineyard, the resort island off Cape Cod. It's led by a white man named Bill Fletcher, a Boston lawyer sick of his immigration law practice and clients that don't pay. With the help of a juiced up genealogical report, he gets federal recognition for the tribe along with a starter grant of ten million dollars from the BIA. He serendipitously hooks up with a hip marketer and soon-to-be girlfriend who is a whiz at retail and helps him build the business into a commercial juggernaut. Think five thousand brushed cotton tee shirts embossed with NESKEET NATION on the front. Things get tricky when he folds a little gambling operation into the mix. It's another fractured financial fairy tale by the author of Canadian Meds. Laced with sun, fun and all the charms of Martha's Vineyard, it's a light read that's outrageous and strangely real.

Wampum Nation is a terrifically fun, well-written, and original read. The characters, particularly the women, are sharp and well crafted and motivated by love, sex and money in no particular order. Moynihan has a sharp eye for detail." - Sophie Powell, author of The Mushroom Man

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