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John Moynihan is an attorney and financial services professional who writes on the side. He writes contemporary fiction with a satirical touch. His first novel, Canadian Meds, chronicled Bill Callahan as a disaffected middle manager who starts an illegal internet pharmacy in Canada to sell pills to Boomers in the US. The authorís second, breakout novel, is Wampum Nation. It features Bill Fletcher, a bored Boston attorney who starts an Indian tribe on Marthaís Vineyard with a casino and killer tee shirts. The authorís specialty is businessmen behaving badly. The series is loosely titled Fractured Financial Fairy Tales.

John Moynihan has also written three self-help books. They are Thirty Minute Fitness, The One Hour MBA and The Boomer Survival Guide. Thirty Minute Fitness is an exercise guide that describes how to get and stay in shape in thirty minutes a day or less. The One Hour MBA is a practical guide for college graduates and those in their first corporate job on how to work smart and get ahead without spending $150,000. The Boomer Survival Guide is a lifestyle manual for 78 million Americans who are aging quickly, and not too gracefully.

The authorís imprint is Fresh Pond Books, an independent publisher of contemporary fiction and nonfiction based in Plymouth, Ma.

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John Moynihan
The author has been employed in the financial services sector for over twenty five years in a variety of positions, all within the commercial real estate industry. His career has focused on both the equity and debt side of large commercial projects in major US markets.

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